The low maintenance water park option

If you're after a low maintenance, multi-use,
cost-effective water park option, a splash pad could be just what you're looking for.


Splash pads are growing in popularity because they usually cost less to install than a traditional water park with pole features, dumpers and cannons - but no less fun!


The lead time for design and construction is usually a lot less than a traditional water park project and the lack of pole features and other above-ground componentry makes ongoing maintenance fairly quick and simple. 


They also offer the benefit of multiple use throughout the year with the option of operating as a splash pad in the warmer months and any number of other functions throughout the winter including skate parks, sport courts and the like.


As with any 0-depth water park, there is no requirement for a lifeguard and the lack of large, overhead spraying pole features and dumpers results in reduced spray and water loss.


They are safe and fun for kids of all ages and can be sequenced to run at random intervals with the options of in-ground speakers to pipe music and interactive coloured LED lights for clients who wish to use the facility at night. You can choose from a combination of grounds sprays and geisers ranging in projection heights of 40mm to 10m high with single or multi-directional sprays.


At Water Features by Design we've installed splash pads all over the country and would welcome an opportunity to discuss the options in more detail. Call Tony today on 0403 805 229 or email: tony@wfbd.com.au for more information.






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