Richmond Water Park

Inspired by a giant of the prehistoric deep

Set beside the lake in the main street of town, this water park commands attention with its giant, one-of-a-kind dinosaur dumper in celebration of the region’s rich history.

​WFBD was commissioned by Richmond Shire of Council in QLD in September 2017 to design an upgrade for an existing splash pad on the town’s foreshore.

​After researching the area the team at WFBD discovered that Richmond was famous for its Kronosaurus fossils and dinosaur digs, which inspired the design of a giant custom-made dumper bucket based on the iconic marine reptile.


​The upgrade also included four new multi-coloured flower showers and an interactive leaf spillway.

​Towering at a massive 6 meters high, the Kronosaurus support structure includes a custom-made sign detailing the creature’s biology and habitat. The giant head also spans 6 meters and holds a bucket that dumps 280 litres of water onto a spreader plate which cascades over delighted patrons below.

​Design, engineering and manufacture took six weeks to complete with on-site installation taking only three days.

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