Tocumwal Water Playground

Celebrating our Aeronautical History

This 500m2 play space celebrates the historical significance of Tocumwal as a WWII air base for both the US and Australian air force units in securing our borders against Japanese invasion following the bombing of Darwin.

The design incorporates a giant B-24 Liberator Bomber dumper bucket, a bomber fuselage formed from custom-made shower rings and panels, huge showering plane wings, spraying propellers, showering wind socks, cannons, ground sprays and mushroom features set beside a terraced babbling brook fit with weirs that allow children to control the direction and flow or water down the slope. All in all the park incorporates 100 different water features many of which are randomly sequenced. The park is lit by 8 high powered automatic LED lights that allow the facility to operate long after the sun has set.


​The Council was keen to create a unique play space unlike anything else in Australia and wanted to incorporate the town’s significant military history for which it is famous around the world.

As one of the only companies in Australia that designs and manufactures it’s water park componentry locally, we were able to customise the design to include aspects of the B-24 Liberator – for which the region is famous – and complete the project within four weeks from start to finish.

It has proven immensely popular with the local community and in attracting visitors from neighbouring regions – and business is booming for many of the local shop owners.

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