Vineyard themed water park

The 300m2 park design celebrates the region's viticultural industry through custom-made componentry and a vibrant purple and green colour scheme.

The coloured insitu concrete pad is peppered with 24 random ground sprays and four giant cone sprays dotted across the area. 

At one end an open 30m long curved slide is set above a series of large, hand carved graduated concrete steps built into the site's existing slope which help form a series of streams fit with weirs to allow children to direct and channel the flow of water as it spouts from ground sprays at the top of the steps. The water is channeled towards a drain on the playground floor.


The park design also includes a fort clad in hand-carved concrete to resemble natural rocks which are formed over the top of the pump-house. This fort structure conceals the pump-house and includes two duelling water cannons to encourage interctive water wars. 


Two showering grape vine leaf pole features provide a spash of bright colour at either corner of the park along with three giant shower rings and two custom designed grape vine shower arches.


Two fully interactive Cascading Mushroom features of different heights are included in the design, the arc and flow of which can be adjusted by turning the head. These sit beside a Giant Mushroom Shower feature. A custom made wine-barrell dumper soaks delighted patrons and tie in with the viticultural theme reflected throughout the design.

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