Aquatic playground Hinchinbrook




Wild Wilderness - ocean, beach & forest

This 200m2 play space is designed to reflect some of the region's diverse marine life and iconic bird and reptile species, and to celebrate the pristine natural beauty for which the area is famous from its mangrove channels to sandy white beaches, wetlands and rainforest. 

The design incorporates three distinct play areas delineated by a coloured insitu concrete surface, cream for the beach section and terracotta for the land which both connect to a rendered blue toddler pool complete with tiled edge to signify the ocean.

Wetlands & Rainforest

This section includes a large showering Palm Tree set beside a patch of tall and nobbled Sugar Cane Poles which spray water onto delighted patrons as they play amongst the stems. A custom-made Cairns Birdwing Butterfly feature soars overhead showering water onto a Skink below surrounded by ground sprays which is perfect for little ones to ride and climb.

A large Dumper Bucket is filled from the mouth of a Coastal Carpet Python coiled across the top of the feature which tips and soaks the children waiting below. A large fiberglass frog feature is surrounded by randomly sequenced ground sprays – which like the Skink – is perfect for kids to ride and climb. This section also houses one of four Dueling Water Cannons to encourage water wars throughout the play space.


This section includes a custom-made showering Palm Tree feature which squirts water into the toddler pool beside it and three large coloured Shower Rings. Three water cannons encourage interactive water play amongst patrons while two randomly sequenced giant Cone Geyser Ground Sprays add extra excitement along with a series of smaller ground sprays peppered throughout the play pad. Toddlers can also play in the Turtle Nesting Ground which includes two custom-made fiberglass Green Sea Turtles surrounded by randomly sequenced ground sprays perfect for climbing and riding. The beach area is retained by a 300mm high shotcrete wall carved to resemble the local rocky outcrops.



The newly rendered toddler pool includes a hand-carved rocky edge upon which a hand-carved concrete Dugong feature perches which toddlers can ride and straddle. Two fully interactive Cascading Jellyfish features of different heights are set in the middle of the pool, the arc and flow of which can be adjusted by turning the head.

A shot-creted Waterfall Feature Wall borders the back of the toddler pool, hand-carved to resemble the colours and texture of the local stone and coastal outcrops. This textured touch wall is inset with two cascading waterblades which project sheets of water in a giant arc which children can play behind or beneath as if standing under a waterfall in a nod to one of the  region’s famous attractions. Five ground sprays set within the pool wall’s edge squirt water up and into the pool for added interest.

Mangrove Channel


The grass embankment behind the toddler pool was terraced to form a fully interactive 7 metre long Mangrove Channel weir which allows children to direct the flow of water down a gentle slope via a series of stainless steel weirs and directional flow gates. 


The park features are activated via a bollard-mounted push button and run at random intervals

Water park Hinchinbrook
Water playground Hinchinbrook
Water playground Hinchinbrook

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