Deniliquin splash park.jpg




Classic playground design 

This 150m2 play space is classic in design, filled with colour and a range of interactive, randomly sequenced features in line with the Council's request for a simple, standard water park layout that offered maximum value for money.

This oval pad design includes a large Dumper Bucket, three Showering Arches, two Dueling Water Cannons, a Graduated Leaf Race, 10 randomly sequenced Ground Sprays, two Showering Flower features, two fully interactive Cascading Mushroom features that offer the ability for children to adjust the flow and arc of water by turning the head, a large Cone Geyser ground spray and the innovative Toddler Tip N Fill. This interactive decanting feature allows little ones to fill and tip a series of buckets from gently trickling fountains. The ability to "fill and tip" is considered a milestone in early childhood development and what better way to hone this skill than at the local water park?


30 Major Water Park projects across WA, VIC, NT, QLD and NSW.