Wickham Water Playground

Celebration of WA's coastal beauty

This 250m2 play space combines two distinct play areas delineated by a coloured insitu concrete surface with a shot-creted feature wall bordering the back of the playground, hand-carved to resemble the colours and texture of the local stone and coastal outcrops.

​The wall is peppered with a series of interactive water-blades activated via push buttons which project sheets of water that children can play behind or beneath as if standing under a waterfall.

In a nod to the region’s famous wharf an “Old Jetty” structure stands beside the wall, constructed from galvanised steel decked with mod-wood timber boards to provide both an aesthetic touch and double as a shade structure.


​The western side of the wall incorporate a series of broad hand-carved concrete steps that lead up to a Waterslide and series of Interactive Weirs. The slide is wide enough to allow the passage of two or three children at a time. The embankment behind the slide provides access to a fully interactive Leaf Race section which allows children to direct the flow of water down a gentle slope via a series of stainless steel weirs and directional flow gates.

​This section also includes three fully interactive Cascading Jellyfish features at different heights and a custom-made Toddler “Fill & Tip” feature which allows little ones to fill a series of small buckets with water and then decant the contents from one bucket into another.

​A giant hand carved interactive Starfish feature spouts water from its five arms when activated which is surrounded by randomly sequenced ground sprays and two giant cone geyser sprays for added excitement.

​A Showering flower feature looms above the Turtle Nesting Ground which includes two custom-made fibreglass sea turtles surrounded by randomly sequenced ground sprays.

A dumper bucket stands beside a custom-made Showering Boat Feature complete with two Pirate-themed Water Cannons and streams of water from its gunnel rails and mast. Four duelling water cannons encourage interactive water wars and three giant coloured shower rings complete the park design.

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