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between 2009 - 2018


Water Features by Design (WFBD) is a recognised leader in the design and construction of water parks and splash pads and the only WA-owned and operated company that designs, manufactures and constructs its water park projects from start to finish.


Founded in 2002 by Company Director Tony Jones WFBD is a name synonymous with quality, innovation and exceptional customer service with more than 1000 commercial and residential projects to its name, along with the design and construction of 33 major water parks throughout WA, Vic, NT, QLD and NSW.


Each water park is individually designed to suit client needs with a number of standard features included such as:

  • no standing water

  • completely random sequencing for all water features via pumps and solenoids

  • fully recycled and automatically treated water

  • unlimited choice of colour schemes, themes and layout design

  • touch pad activation

  • the flexibility of custom design

  • the option of interchangeable play area components

  • close liaison with relevant Health Department authorities to ensure project compliance


Unlike other offerings on the market, WFBD water playground components are locally manufactured here in Australia to the highest standards, which helps make us highly competitive in price and extremely flexible in our ability to individually design and create each playground to specific client needs and Health Department regulations.


A vibrant colourful water park designed to celebrate the region's rich viticultural industry with a purple and green water slide and wine barrel dumper bucket.

Tocumwal Water Playground

An aeronautical themed water playground with a custom-made B-24 Liberator Bomber dumper bucket and a fuselage formed of shower rings with giant overhead spraying wings.

Wickham Water Playground

In celebration of WA's coastal beauty with nesting turtles, a spurting starfish, jetty, showering boat feature and hand carved weirs.

A naturally themed splash pad with rocky weirs, bilge pump and racing slide designed to blend with the local surrounds.

WFBD was commissioned to design an upgrade for an existing water park which saw the development of a custom-made giant Kronosaurous dumper bucket!

This play space complements the public swimming pool and provides a fun and safe alternative for toddlers and children who are still learning to swim.

Hinchinbrook Water Playground

This 200m2 play space is designed to reflect some of the region's diverse marine life and iconic bird and reptile species, and to celebrate the pristine natural beauty for which the area is famous from its mangrove channels to sandy white beaches, wetlands and rain forest.

Warringah Water Park

The Wild Warringah Schemetakes its inspiration from the local coast and bush land combining elements of both on a completely interactive, one-of-a-kind play play space. 

Deniliquin Water Playground

A classic playground design filled with features to achieve maximum value for money.

Kerang Water Park

The Kerang Water Park was designed to reflect some of the Gannawarra Shire's celebrated flora and fauna and takes its inspiration from the nearby Murray and Loddon Rivers and the Gunbower State Forest. 

Kwinana Adventure Playground

This totally unique, architecturally designed water park is part of the new Kwinana Adventure Playground, brought to life by the team at Water Features by Design and already a firm favourite with children and parents alike!


In early 2014, Water Features by Design was commissioned by the Alpine Shire in Victoria to design and construct an interactive water park in the regional, river-side town of Bright. Works involved the demolition and removal of an old toddler pool to create the interactive, natural-themed splash park designed to the the region’s rich gold mining heritage.


The expansive 450m2 aquatic faciility includes custom-made spouting turtles, dolphins and a magnificient humpback whale as its centrepiece, along with a a boat feature based on the Pearl Luggers of old which projecs water from the mast and rails as well as purpose-built cannons set on each side. The park also boasts a unique, hand-forged 120m2 cave carved to emulate the local Cape Range. It features sensored mist sprays and cascading water over non-slip steps.


In August 2012 WFBD was contracted by Landcorp to build and install an innovative splash pad as part of the Cockburn Central city sqaure redevelopment project. The project incorporates an underground pump house and state-of-the-art Gorter access hatches. The play area is formed of exposed aggregate concrete and features 32 sequential ground sprays.

Collie Splash Pad


The Collie Splash Pad is the sparkling centerpiece of the new Central Park development in the heart of town. With 45 randomly sequenced grounds sprays and three majestic bronze lizards it's sure to prove a firm favourite with locals and tourists alike.


Cable Beach Club Resort, Broome


This tropical themed water park includes ten ground sprays with random sequencing ranging from 1 to 5 seconds, three flower features in the form of frangipanis and bougainvillea to reflect local flora, arched sprays, water cannons, wall sprays and a 4.5m high triple bucket spiller. The project was completed on a very tight deadlines with the resort still open.

The Sandstone water park features a custom soft-fall rubber floor designed to embody the colours of the Shire logo. Along with a colourful mix of pole features, spraying arches and water canons, the park also includes a coloured windmill feature which reflects key elements of the Council's insignia and a shower ring feature which allows users to stand inside a complete circle of cascading water. 

Forbes Water Playground

The Forbes water park features a custom-made drangonfly shower and a spraying bullrush pole feature to reflect and compliment the lakeside location. The entire scheme is in keeping with the local surrounds and the brushed concrete flooring incorporates a natural sand finish with a smart charcoal band.

Onslow Water Playground


The Onslow water park theme is based on local flora, fauna and industry with custom-designed features including the iconic Ashburton Pea along with a windmill and 3m long Spanish mackerel. The park also includes water cannons, ground spouts and an innovative 1200mm wide tipping loader bucket. Shade sails, lights, fencing and artwork by the local children help set-off the original, custom design.

Yalgoo Water Playground


The Yalgoo spray park consists of a themed play space which incorporates the local children's artwork and elements of local flora in its design along with tipping buckets, water cannons, spray arches and various ground spouts. Light towers and shade sails make the park suitable for night and day-time use.

Elliott & Ali Curung

These two water parks were constructed on behalf of the Shire of Barkly right in the heart of the Northern Territory, and despiste presenting significant logistic challenges, were both completed in just 16 days.


Menzies Water Park


The Menzies water park consists of a 121m2 play space which incorporates duelling water cannons, showering dragonfly feature, dumper bucket, showering flowers, an arched pole and a unique fibreglass frog feature for toddlers.

Tallangatta Splashpad

Built on the foreshore of Lake Hume, this splash pad is 6 metres in diameter and features 15 stainless steel ground sprays which function in a random sequence when activated via a push button.

Northam Splash Park


Built on the banks of the Avon river, this innovative, low maintenance play space incorporates 72 sequenced ground sprays allowing users of all ages to stand within circular walls of water or to chase bouncing spouts as they pop up around the exposed aggregate pad.

Carnarvon Water Playground


The Carnarvon Water Park was built on a very tight budget and extremely difficult geographical conditions with the high water table and excessive winds. This is a good example of a park that opted against the usual inclusion of shade sails and coloured conrete or soft-fall rubber flooring, yet remains a fully functional, interactive water park that includes a triple bucket spiller, daisy shower, spraying arch, duelling cannons, shower head and spraying palm. 

Cue Water Playground


The Shire of Cue required a fun, safe, interactive environment where local children could cool off in the sweltering summer months. The park's componentry was custom-designed to suit the client’s specification including a spraying daisy, overhead shower, ground spouts, water canons, spraying palms and arches.


Nature Splash Parks


Nature Splash is a new direction in water park design which combines elements of aquatic play with nature play to provide a more engaging, challenging and diverse play experience. A Nature Splash Park serves as both a water playground and nature play space and offers year round use with the option to disable the water play functions during the cooler months.

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33 Major Water Park projects across WA, Vic, NT, NSW & QLD.