Warringah Water Park

Wild Warringah - where ocean meets land

The Wild Warringah Scheme is designed to reflect some of the Shire’s celebrated flora and fauna and takes its inspiration from the local coast and bush land combining elements of both on a completely interactive, one-of-a-kind play play space.

The two play areas are delineated by a coloured insitu concrete surface and a magnificent Sydney Red Gum Tree Trunk feature made from hand-carved concrete which towers in the centre of the park.

Water showers from the beak of a custom-made Laughing Kookaburra feature perched upon the tree’s outstretched branches. Like all the features in this park, the Kookaburra has its own activator in the form of a stainless steel wheel attached to the tree trunk which encourages interaction and allows children to control the flow of the water.


A giant dumper bucket is positioned beside a curved Warringah Flannel Flower which showers water on delighted patrons below, the flow of which is totally adjustable via a stainless steel wheel.

This bush-themed section also includes two giant Coastal Banksia leaf showers complete with adjustable heads to allow water to cascade or trickle depending on how the children adjust the flow.

Three giant coloured shower rings complete this section along with dueling water cannons and a series of 7 small ground sprays arranged in a complete circle with a separate flow adjustor so that children can surround themselves in a wall of water – the height of which depends on how far they turn the wheel. Two large inverted cone Geyser Sprays add further excitement along with five ground sprays arranged in an arch with individual flow adjustor.

The marine section features a hand-carved cave with coral carvings on the face and ground sprays with separate flow adjustors. A Spotted Wobbegong is set inside the on a bed of hand-carved coral with peep holes cast into the structure to enhance the play experience.

A tunnel clad in hand-carved concrete to resemble local stone features ground sprays on the tunnel floor from which water trickles over a pebbled path to resemble a stream leading onto the main play pad. Patrons can climb a series of broad, hand-carved concrete steps to access a look-out point complete with water cannons set on top of the tunnel.

A series of streams and hand-controlled weirs is carved into the hill behind the tunnel allowing children to channel water from the top of the hill and through the tunnel.

A custom-made Weedy Seadragon showers water onto patrons who can also play in the Jellyfish Water Garden comprising three interactive cascading jellyfish features of different heights – the flow and arc of which can be controlled by the user. A fiberglass Green Sea Turtle is surrounded by ground sprays and giant cone geysers.

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