Splash Pad Sandstone




Windmills and Shower Rings

Completed in July 2011 the Sandstone Water Park is a vibrantly themed play space with a range of
custom-made features including the iconic Shire windmill.


The park is 225m2 in size and incorporates shade sails, fencing, artificial turf, drinking fountains, seating and of course a range of custom-made water features which were partly designed by the local school children and brought to life by our team of local craftsmen including showering everlasting daisies, duelling water canons, a loader bucket and shower ring.


The design included Poly Soft rubber flooring and incorporated the Shire Logo as well as a large blue “splash” motif in the middle of the floor to add vibrancy and colour. 


The “zero” depth play area included push button activation with random sequencing for all features.  





Water Features by Design

30 Major Water Park projects across WA, Vic, NT, QLD and NSW. 

12 Major Water Park projects across WA, Vic and NSW.