Northam Splash Park

Splash pad Fun in the heart of town

Built on the banks of the Avon River, this innovative, low-maintenance play space incorporates 72 sequenced ground sprays allowing users of all ages to stand within circular walls of water or to chase bouncing spouts as they pop up around the exposed aggregate pad.

The Council requested a multi-purpose design to suit wet play throughout the summer months and an area where activities could be held during the winter.

The Northam spray pad is similar in design to the Cockburn water park built by WFBD in August 2012 as part of the Cockburn Central city square redevelopment project. It incorporates an underground pump house and state-of-the-art Gorter access hatches with exposed aggregate concrete and 32 sequential ground sprays.

Both parks demonstrate a trend toward low maintenance spray pads that allow year-round use of the play space


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