Wangaratta, Victoria




Pelicans, Stone Ruins & Old Tree Roots

Delight in the different movements of water through interactive spouts, showers, sprays and jets while staying cool under the watchful eye of splashing pelicans. 

This totally unique, architecturally designed water park is part of the new Kwinana Adventure Playground, brought to life by the team at Water Features by Design and already a firm favourite with children and parents alike!

The 220m2 play space incorporates 90 randomly sequenced grounds sprays, some of which are activated by individual push button, along with 4 projecting water blades set at various heights along a hand-carved shotcreted wall designed to emulate an old weather-beaten stone ruin.

The wall supports a couple of hand-carved shotcrete pillars upon which two custom-designed showering pelicans tip water on delighted patrons, the flow of which can be controlled by a hand-powered wheel in each pillar.

The pad surface comprises a number of finishes including coloured exposed aggregate, hand-carved shotcreted rocks and steps along with a giant hand-carved abalone feature complete with randomly sequenced ground sprays.

A hand carved tree trunk towers at the top of the play space with a randomly sequenced water blade set into an outstretched branch. A series of graduated tree roots have been hand carved to form a series of steps that lead down to the main section of the splash pad surface.

Designed by Josh Byrne & Associates and constructed by WFBD, the Kwinana Adventure Playground water park is destined to become one of WA’s most visited play spaces this summer.


Bright Victoria, Water Features by Design
Bright Victoria, Water Features by Design

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