Kerang Water Park

Inspired by the Murray River

The Kerang Water Park was designed to reflect some of the Gannawarra Shire’s celebrated flora and fauna and takes its inspiration from the nearby Murray and Loddon Rivers and the Gunbower State Forest.

It incorporates two distinct play pads each catering for a specific age group: 1-4 years and 5 to 10. Each section has its own activator.

The two pads are delineated by a magnificent River Red Gum Tree Trunk feature made from hand-carved concrete to resemble life-life bark and timber. Water showers from the wings of a custom-made White Bellied Sea Eagle feature perched upon the tree’s outstretched branch. A water blade beneath the branch sends water trickling onto a series of hand-carved concrete tree roots which form a series of broad natural looking steps that lead down to a waterfall set into a curved hand-carved rock wall.


The water from the tree branches trickles down the tree-root steps to create a gentle stream that leads to a waterfall feature. A sheet of solid water projects from the waterfall which toddlers can shower under and even hide behind. This toddler section also includes a giant fiberglass Spotted Marsh Frog which littlies can climb and sit on while surrounded by a ring of random ground sprays and bubblers.

A giant Cormorant feature soars overhead and showers water on delighted toddlers who can also play in the Mushroom Water Garden comprising three interactive cascading mushroom features of different heights – the flow and arc of which can be controlled by turning the head of each feature.

The toddler section also includes a giant granite ball from which water will bubble and cascade and an innovative “tip and fill” station. This interactive decanting feature allows the littlies to fill and tip a series of buckets from gently trickling fountains.

The second pad is slightly raised above the Toddler Pad and includes a tunnel clad in hand-carved concrete to resemble the rocks and stone found within the local region. The tunnel features a waterblade at one end to create a solid waterfall effect and random ground sprays on the floor. Patrons can climb a series of broad, hand-carved concrete steps to access a look-out point complete with a set of dueling water cannons set on top of the tunnel. These two cannons correspond with another two ground-mounted cannons to encourage water wars between kids on the ground and those on top of the tunnel fort.

A giant dumper bucket is positioned next to the tunnel feature along with a giant overhead Murry Cod shower feature. This area also includes a hand-carved cave wall and watefall feature along with a series of geysers and random ground sprays and three giant coloured shower rings. All single pole features are interchangable.

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