Exmouth Splash Pad, Water Features by Design




A spraying humpback and misting cave

Awarded SILVER in
SPASA 2014
Industry Awards 
Water Feature of the Year

Taking only 4 months to design and construct, the Exmouth water playground was completed on time, within budget and totally compliant with WA Health Department regulations by locally owned and operated company, Water Features by Design.



The expansive 450m2 aquatic facility was completed on time and within budget. It incorporates custom-made fiberglass animals including spouting turtles,  dolphins and a magnificent humpback whale as its centrepiece with a 4.5m long head and 2m high by 3m wide showering tail. The whale body and fins are defined by contrasting Polysoft rubber flooring designed to appear as if the animal is surfacing from the deep. 


In celebration of the region’s rich cultural history, a boat feature based on the Pearl Luggers of old was incorporated with water projecting from the mast and rails as well as purpose-built cannons set on each side.


The unique, hand-forged 120m2 cave is constructed from 140 tonnes of concrete and carved to emulate the local Cape Range. It features sensored mist sprays and cascading water over non-slip steps that lead to the play area with fossilised fauna and flora moulded into its walls.

The rubber floor is set with 76 randomly sequenced ground sprays to keep kids guessing about where the water might spout next. 


The entire park is designed to highlight and promote important aspects of the North West Cape’s cultural and environmental heritage which has received World Heritage status. 

A permanent, cyclone rated curved shade structure ensures year-round access to the play area which is also fitted with coloured LED lighting.


Exmouth Water Playground
Exmouth Water Playground

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