Buddha Sanctuary

Cable Beach Club Broome

Set beside the stunning open air Yoga room at the Cable Beach Club Resort, this natural stone water feature helps create a feeling of relaxation and calm and a perfect spot for quiet contemplation.

The rugged stone feature was designed using a Fibonacci curve to create two mirror image ponds. The stone walls embody a graduating height ranging from 2 metres at the tallest point down to pond level at the edge of each curve.

The feature feeds water from one pond to the other via brass and stainless steel pipe showing the synergy of the male/female bond. Five brass and stainless steel “curved ferns” feed into 100mm cored holes in the top of the wall to allow water to gently trickle over the stone face.

The brief for the project was total symmetry with the stonework to be as natural as possible which resulted in 25 tonnes of hand-selected Kimberly Sandstone used for the project.


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