Bright Water Playground

Riverside delight!

In early 2014, Water Features by Design was commissioned by the Alpine Shire in Victoria to design and construct an interactive water park in the regional, river-side town of Bright. Works involved the demolition and removal of an old toddler pool to create the interactive, natural-themed splash park designed to reflect the the region’s rich gold mining heritage.

Construction began in June with the park being fully operational by September 2014 as scheduled.

The water park was built with an innovative water supply system, designed to provide chemical free, low cost water to the park that would not be affected by water restrictions during times of drought. This system required the construction of an 80m deep bore near the site to provide water that cycles once through the system before flowing back to the river, which in turn improves environmental flows to the river in summer.


The park’s design reflects the region’s mining heritage and natural environment with textured concrete steps that lead to the river’s edge and a series of graduated splash pads, each designed to suit different age groups from toddlers through to teenagers.

The splash pad surface is textured concrete with a range of randomly sequenced ground sprays, pole features, duelling water cannons, a water mushroom and giant, mining-inspired dumper bucket.

Everything but the dumper bucket runs at random intervals, while the bucket slowly fills to capacity. Visitors watch and wait with anticipation of the impending dump which is indicated through the use of three rows of small holes drilled in the side of the bucket. As the water level rises, it trickles out the holes, while kids watch in rapt excitement as the first row leaks, then the second, then the third before dumping a massive, drenching cascade of water over the delighted recipients.

The entire park is designed to complement the surrounding environment, with plenty of natural stone and hand carved textured concrete to merge with the nearby creek and towering Elm trees.

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