Benalla Water Playground.jpg


Splash Park

Showering roses, dragonflies and lady bugs

This 405m2 play space is packed with custom-made features designed to celebrate the town's famous rose garden and fauna. 

The main pad is peppered with 14 Random Ground Sprays and two Giant Cone Sprays dotted across the area. It also includes two sets of five ground sprays arranged in a circular pattern to create a "water room" effect when activated. 

In celebration of Benalla's famous rose garden the design incorporates a large doubled-headed Showering Rose Feature at one end with another large single-headed Showering Rose Feature at the opposite end, set beside three custom fibreglass Lady Bugs which of course are lauded by gardeners everywhere for helping to keep roses healthy and aphid free. These lady bugs are surrounded by Bubbling Ground Sprays and perfect for toddlers to ride and climb.

There are five interactive Cascading Mushroom Features with adjustable heads, a soaring custom-made Dragonfly Shower feature, a large rose-entwined dumper bucket and three custom-made cascading Gumnut Water Features in a nod to the regions River Red Gum population, which is also reflected by a Tree Pole Shower Feature fit with a laser-cut Sugar Glider spotted on occasion by Lake Benalla bush walkers.

The park also includes a hand-pump with multi-colour Leaf Race and a 10m long wall hand carved to reflect the local rocky outcropps fit with three Push Button Water Blades to create a waterfall effect when activated. The wall also provides additional seating for supervising adults.
Three Duelling Water Cannons will encourage water wars among delighted patrons.

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